Social Media Survey February 28, 2018

3 Minute Survey

 Social Media Survey

The State of Social Media in 2018

Contributing to this survey will provide all participants an opportunity to gain insights into current strategies being deployed to market on social media. It additionally provides information that Buzz Tools uses to continue to improve the usefulness of its platform. All responses will be aggregated and no personally identifiable information will ever be shared.

This survey will require less than 3 minutes of your time. Please participate!

Please Participate!

Please take a few minutes and add your answers to our 2018 Survey of the State of Social Media Marketing. We are compiling answers from social media marketers from business, non-profits, and political causes to gauge usage patterns, best methods, average spending patterns, best use of free tools and services, usage of agencies and third parties, usage of in house teams / staff / interns. Our aim is to educate the market on the best and worst practices -- and to improve our tools to meet the needs of an ever changing population of social media marketers in a wide range of use cases.

Start the 3 Minute Survey

You will receive a confirmation of your answers upon completion of the survey. You will also receive a current compilation of the full result set at the close of the current calendar quarter - and at the close of each subsequent calendar quarter throughout the year.  Understand how and where your approach to social media marketing is similar to or departs from others in the market -- and where the best results are being seen.  

The survey will take less than 3 minutes, Your answers remain anonymous, but are pooled for the benefit of the whole survey group.  Your specific results and comparisons to the survey population are confidential