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Last Updated: May 16, 2017

   the intersection of human nature and applied technology


Group Advocacy is a practical application of 21st century, millennial based, social media marketing principles which are evolving at the intersection of human nature and applied technology.

Jeffrey Saling
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Social Media professionals know that thepractical application of the 21st century or millennial basedmarketing evolution is a combination of human nature and applied technology

Human Nature:

  • Groups voluntarily gather to support companies, political causes, charities, sporting teams, etc.

  • Group members will show their support on social media by posting content from their accounts to help and show support for their company, cause, or “team”. 

  • Group members will help create new or curate other supportive content they discover – both in show of support, but also to raise their own stature or position within the team.

  • People generally eschew overtly self-promotional direct selling content – particularly when it becomes invasive or pushy.

  • People respond more kindly to indirect recommendations over time or discoveries from sources they like and/or respect. 

Applied Technology:·         

  • When any group posts on social media in concert, a viral seed is planted and grows quickly on the social media platform where the group concentrates their effort.

  • As the same link is posted again and again byindividual people, it trends and rises to the top of news feeds of the groupmembers posting and the news feeds of those to whom they are directly andindirectly connected

  • New posts from individual people rise inpopularity more quickly and spread more broadly than paid advertising or itemsposted by companies. Likes and re-sharesfrom within any social platform are helpful, but new posts have thebiggest impact

If you understand these human nature and technology principles, you see that it is possible to “manufacture” viral like distribution for social media content in support of your company, cause, or team.  The trick is how to execute it on a consistent basis and across multiple platforms so that is widely distributed, well received – and drives the desired result, whether the desired result is a great brand image, more sales, winning an election, selling out shows for a band or sporting event, raising money for a charity - or something else.

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