The Power of Social Media Advocates

Advocates lend credibility

Your audience is conditioned to distrust self-promotion, yet the vast majority of organizations push this marketing approach. Advocates on social media can lend legitimacy and credibility to your organization and help to build an audience that is more receptive to your marketing message.  

Employees as advocates

Some companies lean on their employees to advocate for the business. While this can help to amplify the company's exposure on social media, there is a delicate line between increased credibility and audience fatigue.

Customers as advocates

Some companies rely on their happy customers to advocate for the business. This is an ideal scenario that helps to build trust and brand awareness, but is not an option for B2B companies, non-profits, political groups, and even some B2C companies.

Channel partners as advocates

Channel partners can serve as invaluable advocates to lend credibility and exposure to an organization, but many companies lack a channel or experience difficulty coordinating social media marketing within their channel.

Advocates should represent the foundation of your social media marketing efforts, but without a platform to coordinate those efforts, the process can spiral out of control. Fortunately such platforms exist for these well-defined markets; but what if your organization doesn't fall into these narrow categories?

Buzz Tools Bridges All Organizations

Whether your organization fits into these tightly defined categories, represents a mixture, or fall into entirely different ones like non-profits, B2B companies, political groups, churches, and others, Buzz Tools was built to bring ALL your advocates together into an extremely effective group alliance. Let us show you how our collaborative approach to group advocacy on social media is unique in the marketplace and offers your organization a similarly unique marketing opportunity.