Simple "No Limits" Pricing

Pay by the month or subscribe on an annual basis - and save. Our pricing is simple - no limits on user counts, social media accounts, or number of posts.  Grow your group(s) as large as you'd like and make as many posts as you want from any or all of your social media accounts and personas. We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee - so there's no risk either.



  • Per group. Discounts on multiple Groups
  • No Limits on group size, social media accounts or number of posts.
  • 90 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee



  • Per group. Discounts on Multiple Groups
  • "No Limits" + Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Pay for a year and get 2 months free!

One Day Set-up and training of up to 50 initial group members users is $995.  Additional set-up, training, and planning services are available from Buzz.Tools and our partner agencies. Fixed fee and/or time and materials project pricing is based on an agreed scope of work which often includes recruitment of additional unpaid group members; recruitment of paid influencers or reviewers; creation of written, photographic, illustrated, video, and/or other content; blog / vlog content creation; web page development; and other services to support general digital and social media marketing efforts.

Complete our "Get Started" survey, choose a day and time, and you're good to go.  No payments are required until we have an agreed action plan that's specific to your need.