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Do you need help getting the word out about your business, non-profit or political campaign? 

Niche Influencers and Advocates -- are you looking for a brand, candidate or non-profit client? 

Buzz.Tools helps Advocates and Influencers find brands, candidates, and non-profit organizations that are actively searching for help getting the word out about their business or cause - and being engaged on social media.  Do you have influence in a market, community or niche? Want to build an audience? Want to have an impact? 

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influencers & ADvocates

I am a person or agency with a sizable following and expertise in a market niche . I can help engage and build a brand, political cause, or raise money for a non-profit.  

Be Efficient

invite clients to post content in your Buzz.Tools group. Schedule and post one time and evergreen content from one place. Buzz.Tools is *free* for influencers

Grow Reputation

Document your posts and effectiveness with links and our “my buzz” reporting features to show how many clicks your posts are getting - and by who.

Find New Clients

Buzz.Tools has a consistent flow of businesses, political campaigns, and non-profits seeking influencers and advocates to join their team(s) and build engagement

Find Your advocates

I am a business, political campaign or non-profit seeking outreach and engagement help on social media from an advocate or influencer in my market segment.