Collaborate with Influencers to Amplify Social Content - demo and free trial


Collaborate with influencers, fans, employees, and others to easily share social content

Social Collaboration Amplifies Content Reach and Credibility

Buzz.Tools makes it super easy to create a group of social collaborators who share and amplify your brand and content on social media. When others share your content, you get massive visibility and higher credibility - much better than posting on your own.

Many companies come to Buzz.Tools with their collaborator group identified - and we simply add those people to your group in the app. For those who want help building a group, we provide a service to find fans, influencers, and other people to help curate and share relevant content, get you greater visibility, and add credibility to your brand messaging.  

We've helped a number of organizations get significantly better results from their social media marketing efforts with our team based promotional approach called #GroupAdvocacy or #CollaborativeSocial.

You can find out more by exploring our web site, following us, or following our hashtags. If you're curious about how it works in detail -- let us demonstrate to you. It'll take just 15-20 minutes.

You'll walk away having learned a whole new social media marketing skill - and have a new perspective on how to be more productive on social media.