How Group Advocacy Works October 30, 2018

How Group Advocacy works

Group Advocacy is a form of social media marketing where a group of third party believers, fans, or advocates create, curate, schedule, and publish complimentary content and commentary in a coordinated campaign via their social media accounts on behalf of a company, candidate, or cause. It includes all forms of Employee Advocacy, Customer Advocacy, Channel Partner Advocacy, Political Advocacy, and advocacy for and from other groups.

GROUP ADVOCACY: The Formation Story

At BuzzTools, we weren’t happy with the existing market solutions to curate, schedule, and publish content for Social Media Marketers.  There are many specialized products to help schedule posts, but are designed for a single user – and can’t be combined with other SaaS or pure service based solutions.  There was nothing designed for a team to coordinate and campaign together. We couldn’t even find a term to describe what we wanted, so we created a category, Group Advocacy, and a SaaS product to fit into it, BuzzTools. 

BuzzTools provides a company, political cause, charity, non-profit, etc., a private forum to sponsor an advocacy group. Invited group members (advocates) curate relevant content in a private newsfeed, then schedule and post to all their connected social media accounts from within that private newsfeed.  It’s simple and effective cross-promotion that amplifies group content -- and assures the messages will be seen by a wide and highly relevant audience.

How and why does it work? When multiple personas (people, companies, etc.) post the same link, with the same hash tags and reference commentary, those posts trend favorably and rise to the top of public social media newsfeeds.  Marketers know social media algorithms work this way, but have never had a solution to coordinate team campaigns to take advantage of it.  Buzz.Tools created an automated Group Advocacy solution specifically designed for teams or groups to market in a coordinated campaign.

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