Definition of Group Advocacy September 5, 2017

Definition of Group Advocacy

Employees, Customers, Believers, working together

Group Advocacy is Social Media Marketing through a group of third party believers or advocates such as customers, employees, channel partners, distributors, volunteers, influencers, etc.

Group Advocacy is a form of social media marketing or viral marketing where a group of third party believers, fans, or advocates create, curate, schedule, and publish complimentary content and commentary in a coordinated campaign via their social media accounts on behalf of a company, candidate, or cause.

Business or company Advocate Groups are typically made up of customers, employees, channel partners, re-sellers, distributors, consulting partners, or any type of supporter or influencer of the business, industry, or vertical of the sponsoring company.  Advocate types are in mixed groups for a broad perspective – or can be broken out by language, geographic region, product vertical, etc.

Political, charitable, or non-profit Advocate Groups are typically made up of board members, community members, operating managers, donors, volunteers, influencers, or any other type of supporter of the political candidate, political cause, charity, or non-profit company.  

Group Advocacy sponsors or their social media agency, marketing agency, or social media consultant form and manage advocate group(s) comprised of members of varying type, and who are active on social media.  Members are invited by other members or group administrators who designate members as content creators, content curators, and/or content posters - or any combination thereof.

Curators add relevant content to their private group news feed and write brief comments for each item with attribution and hash tags.  All group member advocates connect their social media accounts to the private news feed – then schedule and post group content. Most advocates spend less than 30 minutes per week to make 50-100 posts across 3 or more social media platforms. Regulated industries have the option of creating an approval workflow to ensure content is reviewed and approved prior to being released for public posting.

Group Advocacy provides simple and effective cross-promotion and content amplification for any type of business, political, charitable, or non-profit group -- and assures high quality, complimentary messages will be seen by a wide and highly relevant audience. 

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