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Product Features

Feature One

(Screenshot source: Buzz.Tools Application)

The Newsfeed is the hub of BuzzTools.

  • Connect to your all social media networks
  • Review and comment on multiple pieces of group content - simultaneously
  • Share now, Save , or schedule content to post when and where you want
  • See what you’ve shared - and when / where group members shared your content

It’s where all of your group members’ content is displayed – as well as your own. From the newsfeed you comment on, schedule, and share group member content to all your social media accounts. The newsfeed is designed so you can work through 20 content items in less than 3 minutes – scheduling, commenting, posting, or saving for later.  The Newsfeed gets your buzz out there!


Upload New Content

(Screenshot source: My.Buzz.Tools app)

Uploading content is easy – just cut and paste!

  • Group members can contribute original content - or other interest relevant content (IRC)
  • Paste the link for the content
  • Want a specific accompanying image? Just paste an image link

Group members just cut, paste and click to add their own content or any group relevant content for their group. Preview the story and image, the Add Content – and it’s in the group newsfeed.  #EZ2Share



Add Members

(Screenshot source: My.Buzz.Tools app)

Grow your group - and your Buzz.

  • Add LinkedIn or email contacts automatically
  • Add any contact one by one
  • Once click to invite any contact to any group of which you are a member

You control who you invite - add a personal message if desired. Invited members join with one click!


Schedule Posts


(Screenshot source: My.Buzz.Tools App)

Schedule post on social feeds on the date and time you desire.


  • Add comments to multiple posts at the same time – or one by one.
  • Select social platforms for multiple posts all at once – or one by one
  • Pick the exact date and time for each post – minutes, days, or months in advance


Plan a whole week of posts in under 10 minutes! #EZ2Share


3 Simple Steps to Get you started with Buzz Tools

1Sign up

Create your own user account or accept the invitation of someone in an existing BuzzTools group.

Link your social accounts

Post with your personal, fan page, and company personas - on a post by post basis.

Upload your content

Simply paste links to the content you want your fellow group members to share .

Get Started

It's free to join an existing group

or low cost to form a new group of your own