Reach active, warm prospects directly - on your own terms

Break Free of Limits.

Machine Intelligence + Strategic Outbound Marketing = Influence on your own terms

The options and methods to market businesses continue to grow. Targeting the best prospects for your products and services is more accessible than ever.  Buy the right adwords. Use the most commonly searched phrases in your posts and on your website. Configure the optimal audience for your ads on social media – using the perfect balance of inspirational images and text.  In fact, so much about successful Internet marketing these days comes down to finding the “perfect balance”.

If you’ve grown frustrated at the cost and complexity, you’re not alone. The percentage of clicks from organic SEO is diminishing.   Firefox is eliminating RSS feeds - and working toward cutting out bookmarks. Google wants to kill domain names altogether. Facebook no longer permits business posting on personal pages via third party services. LinkedIn is being taken over by spammers. Increasingly a select set of gatekeepers are eager to send you traffic, provided you are ready to pay them for it, of course.

Break free of these limitations with Buzz Tools!. Machine Intelligence + Strategic Outbound Marketing = Influence on your own terms! Our proprietary method identifies new prospects and engages at a level comparable to the best qualified lead processes anywhere.

Using Buzz.Tools proprietary process, we derive intent and relevance from how people reach and visit web pages. We further derive company name and complete contact information of the people doing the searching. With this (who, what, why, where and when) information, you can create a relevant, timely, personalized messages and offers. These messages break through the clutter and provide real influence - on your own terms (not the gate keepers).

Why spend thousands of dollars per month to advertise to an audience you can’t see, don’t know, and just hope they notice? Contact the specific prospects who are actively searching for products and solutions like yours.  KNOW who your best prospects are – their names, contact info, location, social media accounts, etc.

Use the audience data generated to make great offers by outbound email and messaging – PLUS use it to supplement your traditional inbound target marketing via SEM, social media, and display advertising.

Targeted outbound campaigns cost far less than a typical adwords budget – and reach (with certainty) specified people in the companies and locations that make sense for your business. Learn more – click here to see a web presentation.