Your Group Advocacy Platform

Buzz.Tools applies a multiplier effect to your social media marketing to build massive exposure and brand credibility

Your Social Media Collaboration Platform

Consolidate and organize campaigns with influencers, fans, customers, employees, channel partners, or resellers.  Invite fans or others who share your interests to help amplify and build credibility for your brand or message on social media. Buzz.Tools improves social media platform algorithm performance on your behalf to maximize exposure without paid boosting. 

Bring your own group or ask us to organize team of advocates for your business, political campaign, or non-profit.  Buzz.Tools groups amplify your message 20-30x on social media - without boosting or other paid advertising.  

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What people are saying about Buzz.Tools

We don't have to email our interns to post for us anymore....

Jen Gurecki, CEO, Coalition Snow

Buzz.Tools is the next evolutionary step of social media marketing...

Nathan Digangi, Founder, Allgo Social

So simple compared to the other tools we've tried...

Miya MacKenzie, Chief Professional Officer, Adams Hub