How To Cross-Promote your Content and Get Noticed July 17, 2017

Photo by Toni Hukkanen

Cross-Promote & Get Noticed

How To Cross-Promote Your Content and Get Noticed 

Millions of people, businesses, and other organizations belong to one or more natural cross-promotional marketing groups - and never realize it.  Not understanding and taking advantage of natural teams in the age of social media is a tragic waste of a marketing potential – and it must be unlocked.

Cross-promotional groups form naturally in channel partner/reseller types of businesses where company or industry oriented resellers, partners, consultancies, and manufacturers want to promote each other and grow a market.  This natural alignment is also true for franchise or neighborhood retail associations, business networking groups, political or charitable causes, marketing and PR agency clients, and many other teams and groups naturally aligned with a business, industry, cause, or idea.

Why does this massive potential so often go unrealized? Many thought Facebook or LinkedIn groups would be the answer, but they are not designed to be accountable or to promote member content outside the group.

It is difficult to organize and curate content for a group with similar general goals that also promotes specific member objectives.  Once you've identified your natural group, the next key to successful Group Advocacy is to use a platform that's intuitive, designed for cross-promotion, private, well structured, and flexible, without specific time commitments, or long term contracts. Group members who put in more time and effort should get more out – but even those who put in minimal effort must see obvious results.

To achieve this, we've identified 20 key features that produce obvious benefits.    Here are the first three that meet the easy-to-use, private, structured, and no commitments criteria that make it highly productive for naturally aligned, yet diverse groups to work as a well-oiled cross-promoting machine across multiple social media platforms:

  • Connectivity: simultaneously to multiple social media platforms, accounts, and personas.
  • Group Curation: centralized private group queue outside of social media platforms.
  • Campaigning: schedule set and forget auto-repeat “evergreen” style posts on a periodic schedule

Unlock the complete list of 20 required features and a tool comparison of social media marketing tools, just request the white paper with your email address. 

Jeffrey Saling
Co-Founder, Buzz.Tools