Buzz.Tools Certified Expert Partner Program June 26, 2017

Group Advocacy: Buzz.Tools Certified Expert partner program

Certified Expert

Our partners arrive at Buzz.Tools as Social Media Marketing experts. We train and certify them as product experts to know our SaaS Solution backwards and forwards. We support our certified partners at every step of a project. You can trust our experts.

BuzzTools provides a powerful SaaS solution for social media marketers to sponsor and form Private Advocacy Groups and campaign together for an industry; company; channel partner, customer, employee or distributor group; political candidate or cause; charity; non-profit, or any passion that might draw a group of like-minded people together. Many of these companies, causes, or groups benefit from an expert marketing consultant or Social Media Agency to coordinate and advise on a variety of Social Media Marketing topics, including the deployment and use of BuzzTools.

We provide a BuzzTools Certification Program for consultants, agencies, and other experts to set-up and deliver our solution with confidence. Our BuzzTools Certified Partners have the latitude to re-sell our solutions and step aside, or package / private label Buzz.Tools and maintain the customer relationship over time - with our support as requested. Many Buzz.Tools Certified Partners combine our solution with their own services and other technology tools to create a custom solution to meet unique customer requirements – and we support our Certified Partners in these custom solutions.  You pick the level and style of certified partner suited to your organization, and no matter what business style you choose – you’ll be an expert at Buzz.Tools solutions.

The Buzz.Tools Partner Certification Program is reasonably priced, thorough, and provides optional levels of exclusivity, discounting options, and referrals that make ROI fast and meaningful.  It’s also covered by our money back guarantee.

The H1 2017 Buzz.Tools Partner Certification class is limited to 20 participants, so be sure to claim your spot quickly. Prices will go up and more restrictions will be imposed as time passes and the program fills. To claim your spot or find out more, contact us or schedule a demo (below) and ask us questions!