Be Heard! the 2018 Vote October 30, 2018

Be Heard! The 2018 Vote

The Entire Political Spectrum is United in Frustration

No matter what your politics are, by now you know how important it is to have your message heard on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn too.  As important, is that your message be credible and delivered by real people connected to those you want to reach and influence. Paid advertising to targeted demographic groups will most certainly play a role in the 2018 election – but there is another method that may take root in 2018 politics, it’s called “Group Advocacy” or #GroupAdvocacy on social media.

Group Advocacy is when a political campaign coordinates supporters, donors and others - as a group - to amplify their voices and credibility on social media platforms. “It’s like holding a virtual rally, but without the requirement to show up at a specific time or place” says Matthew Hellinger, co-founder of the social media marketing company, Buzz.Tools.  Hellinger and Buzz.Tools attended the CampaignTech East Conference in Washington DC on April 25-26 to meet with campaign professionals about the upcoming US election cycle - and found a cautiously receptive audience.

Group Advocacy is about real people working together for an important cause or political candidate” says Hellinger’s co-founding partner Jeffrey Saling.  “Our technology is awesome because real people with real, honest beliefs in causes are at the heart of it” continues Saling. “Whether you get your news from social media or traditional channels, it’s clear that people across the political spectrum are frustrated and have become leery of information coming from people and organizations with an agenda they don’t trust.”  The Group Advocacy movement, sometimes called “Collaborative Social” puts real people, not bots or people you don’t know, in charge.

Saling and Hellinger believe Buzz.Tools technology will work in politics for the same reasons it works for their business customers.  They claim it works with social media platform algorithms in a complimentary manner to put interesting and desired content from real people into the social media news feeds of friends and connections – with their permission and endorsement. The idea is that when friends or connections recommend or endorse something, including a candidate or cause, it carries more weight than when someone you don’t know does the same thing.  

The #GroupAdvocacy movement goes beyond helping campaign professionals with social media marketing tactics.  It provides supporters with a real and articulate voice in support of the causes, candidates and campaigns in which they believe – something in which a growing number of people are interested. 

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