Who we are

Buzz Tools began life as a web-based tool to streamline traditional business networking, improve the process of sharing and tracking referrals, and incentivize specific behaviors for networking groups (i.e. BNI, LeTip, and others). These networking groups are already familiar with the benefits of cross-promotion..

Buzz Tools takes this idea of traditional off-line business networking to the world of social media, allowing groups of strategically allied individuals and organizations to promote one another on social media. Just as we streamlined the traditional business networking processes, we have systemized and streamlined social media cross-promotion. Our solution dramatically increases online exposure and solves the credibility problem that comes with the self-promotion approach common to most social media strategies.


We believe that social media marketing works best as a team activity - and that cross promotion is more credible than self promotion. We believe that providing and posting top-notch interest relevant content creates goodwill and trust in the brands, causes and people who share it.

Meet The Founders

With extensive experience serving businesses large and small, across a wide number of industries, the founders bring a long history of tech experience to bear for the customers of Buzz Tools, LLC. 

Jeff Saling

is active in Nevada at StartUpNV.org and is an experienced executive / advisor for tech companies in Silicon Valley, Austin, TX; & Bellevue, WA

Matthew Hellinger

Is based in Austin, TX and has served as a trusted technical advisor for SaaS, B2B, and B2C companies as well as angel investors within the US.