3 Scientific Secrets for Success in Content Marketing  December 19, 2017

Agencies, consultants, & political campaigns assure viral content distribution with Group Advocacy

3 scientific Secrets for success in Content Marketing 

Jeffrey Saling
Co-Founder Buzz.Tools | Co-Founder StartUpNV

Marketing and public relations agencies and consultancies have moved well beyond traditional PR and advertising to assist clients with all things marketing.  Specialty groups focus on digital and social media marketing.  Large and small consultancies are advising on websites, SEO, email marketing, social media presence, and content marketing to create the “right” client image for their market.  The most forward thinking professionals are employing disciplines from a new social science methodology called Group Advocacy to drive measurable social media activity – and consistently improve results from client marketing budgets.

Until recently, there were two types of social media based “advocacy” disciplines – both designed for large businesses: 

  • Customer Advocacy:  improves a company’s image through authentic social media engagement and customer testimonials. The discipline helps to manage company reputation and image in B2C business - especially with well-known brands, but has limited applicability in the B2B market
  • Employee Advocacy utilizes a company’s own employees, typically sales people, to help spread the company message. It helps to extend the reach of social media campaigns, but does little to address credibility. 

Both approaches are big improvements over the traditional self-promotion social media strategy many companies use, but are subject to the noted limitations.  Group Advocacy is a broader approach that simultaneously addresses credibility and reach – and also has applications in disciplines beyond the realm of “large business” into SMB, politics, sports, entertainment, music – along with charitable and other causes.  The broader disciplines and learnings from these different types of groups cross pollinate within Group Advocacy - and make every group type more effective.  

Group Advocacy combines 3 existing, and until now, unrelated disciplines noted below into a new social media marketing science:

  1. “Teaming” Methodology: Builds loyalty and collectivism around a group passion which makes groups sharing a purpose or passion want to act with common cause.
  2. Good Habit” Social Science Techniques:  Builds habitual technology usage and behavior in support of personal goals driven by internal triggers and variable rewards providing positive social motivation.

  3.  High Placement Natural Content Ranking: Takes full advantage of technical methodologies of social media content ranking algorithms

No other method, solution, or set of technology tools combines these 3 powerful social and technical sciences for such broad applications.  Whether you work in the world of business, politics, sports, entertainment, or charity; learn how Group Advocacy can help your agency or consulting practice produce world class results for your clients.  

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