B2B Market Validation & Customer Discovery

Building a product and validating a market are the two most resource intensive endeavors of any start-up or business. We minimize risk and cost with intelligent intent-based market and customer discovery

  • Quantify current market interest
  • Qualify prospect intent & intensity
  • Minimize capital need & investment risk
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Validate your market & Discover new customers

Quantify your market size by US State and Country. Learn intent-based methods of customer discovery. Fill out the form to get a preliminary market validation report and arrange a conversation.

We maximize the chance your product launch will be a success

Smart market identification

We identify and quantify intent and interest intensity in worldwide and regional markets. This process frequently unsurfaces surprise competitors.

We are 100% result-oriented

At each step of the customer discovery process we are continuously monitoring results to ensure relevancy and receptiveness.

We deliver value and credibility

Credibility is vital toward establishing trust and delivering value to decision makers whose time is precious. We don't take shortcuts and deliver highly engaged leads.

Buzz Tools has been re-inventing the way B2B relationships are made since 2015

Many venture-backed and established businesses waste time and resources on undependable inbound marketing. Buzz Tools intent-based workflow quantifies then delivers demonstrably interested B2B prospects – right from the start.

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How our process can ensure a successful launch

Whether a new offering will be successful in the marketplace is a risk that we can help you mitigate with our smart, data-based approach

Increase market relevancy with intent data

Intent data identifies companies with an active interest in your product or service and is key to our discovery process

Target relevant leads with our ABM stragegy

Account-based marketing (ABM) is recognized as the best practice for getting your message to the right person at the right company

Build winning customer relationships

Being able to engage with prospective customers on your own terms allows you to build successful business relationships.

Get predictable results with Buzz Tools!

We employ disruptive technology and our experience to validate and quantify your market, identify specific interested organizations, and reach actual relevant professionals with content-based outbound marketing. Our results speak for themselves.

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Buzz Tools is a data-oriented firm leveraging the latest technologies

Conduct market validation research. Implement or audit strategies. We work with companies to drive rapid growth and with venture firms on due diligence.

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Meet our founders

Inbound marketing, done correctly, can help you reach an entirely new audience that isn't engaged with your inbound marketing efforts

We can help you identify and nurture your own market segment independent of what pay per click delivers. We can also help you with:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Reducing R&D risk
  • Building new customer relationships
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