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Buzz Tools applies a multiplier effect to your social media marketing to build massive exposure and brand credibility

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How Can Buzz Tools Help You?

By providing powerful tools for you to build predictable social media buzz

Connect your influencers

Influencers vary by industry and organization type, but are reputable, provide valuable insights, and produce content of interest to your market

Once you have a solid group of influencers sharing content and promoting eachother, the networking magic starts to happen!

Seeing my content being regularly promoted by other companies continues to amaze me, considering how little effort is needed!

@JackT, San Francisco

Saves you time and effort

Trying to generate the same results that you can achieve using Buzz Tools is impractical and, even if achievable, would require an incredible amount of time and innefficiency.

Stop trying to push your brand using self-promotion. Alleviate the uncertainty that comes with relying on customers to promote your brand. Redeem the invaluable channel relationships your organization has formed and build an even stronger alliance with Buzz Tools!

Our resellers L-O-V-E Buzz Tools! We are building more profitable relationships :-D

@LisaW, Bristol

(Screenshot: My.Buzz.Tools App | Newsfeed)

Works across all devices

Buzz Tools was purpose-built to seamlessly scale from smartphone, to tablet, to laptop, to PC without compromising its capabilities.

Enjoy a streamlined interface that optimizes your workflow regardless of what device you happen to be using.

I cannot believe how easy it is to share valuable content and build goodwill with my group, even when I have just a few minutes to spare!

@JackT, San Francisco

Easy to personalize

Some users appreciate a customized experience, with an interface that either match their personality or brand.

With Buzz Tools, we've made it easy to personalize your experience.

Nice design! I especially like being able to change the layout and colors!

@AlexD, London

(Screenshot: My.Buzz.Tools App | Newsfeed | 3 Views

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